It’s Time to Protect What You’ve Built

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Everyone else was just writing resumes. We wanted to do better.

Our followers on Twitter know us as @ITtechExec and @rezlady, but IRL (in real life), we are Stephen and Sheree Van Vreede.

In 2001, we launched No Stone Unturned, a resume (or résumé, for the purists among us) and career services firm. Thanks to Stephen’s background in IT/telecom management for the supply chain/logistics industry and to Sheree’s experience serving as an editor to the scientific/engineering community in the publishing world, we soon realized that we were best suited to serve the technical professional trying to maneuver through what has become a complex and exhausting job market. (Let’s face it…it’s a bit of a zoo out there!)

Not only that, we noticed that other resume writers were avoiding technical clients, unsure of how best to position their specialized skills.

Therefore, it wasn’t long before we began to work exclusively with IT and technical or “STEM” clientele, professionals who have devoted themselves to some of the most innovative and rewarding fields in today’s industries, from engineering to healthcare IT to scientific exploration to big data and cloud services to project/program management.

Then, before we knew it, unemployment skyrocketed and the tech market began waging its war for sophisticated tech talent.

And on top of all that, social media recruiting exploded onto the scene, and the landscape became pretty messy, pretty fast. The traditional job search was still there but in a convoluted way, and there were so many more tools in the job search arsenal. But most of all, we realized that we could no longer just write a resume and send our clients on their way. They needed better preparation and lasting protections.

We knew then that we had to become a full-service career advancement and protection firm, not just another resume-writing firm.

As a result, under the No Stone Unturned umbrella, we now have ITtechExec, a technical resume and “career insurance and protection” service for executive-level IT/technical clients who want to protect what they’ve built, and NoddlePlace (“noddle” means “head”), a technical resume and “career advancement” service for emerging, mid-level technical candidates who want to make it to where our ITtechExec clients are.

Listen. It is no coincidence that we have been featured in leading industry publications like, TechRepublic, and Dice or have been asked to conduct training seminars on technical resume writing at the annual Career Thought Leaders (CTL) Conference or to facilitate the Northeastern U.S. region’s “Brain Day” 2013 for CTL. It’s because we are recognized across our industry by our peers as a leader in technical career advancement and protection. (That’s why they refer their technical candidates to us, by the way!)

Even more importantly, it’s also no coincidence that our clients have been hired by several of the premier companies in the world, such as Google, HP, Dell, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Yahoo, Caterpillar, Northrop Grumman, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, SEI, and many, many more, not to mention several Silicon Valleys startups and midsize leaders throughout the world.

Protection and advancement both begin with preparation and continue with maintenance. So don’t be so stuck on resumes.

Back in the not-so-distant day, you put a basic 1-page resume together, worked a few connections or answered a few job ads, and felt pretty certain the right opportunity would come along. Then if you worked hard and didn’t burn too many bridges, you most likely had a pretty secure career path ahead of you perhaps even with the same company.

Now, portfolios are becoming the latest main attraction for technical leadership. With professionals changing jobs every 3 to 4 years, consulting on the rise, and fierce competition for promotions, portfolios can help build in flexibility and prepare you to face different hiring scenarios. You still need a solid chronological resume (no matter what you may hear) geared toward a very specific audience, but when done properly, having addenda to go along with the resume can be much more effective, not to mention the significance of the LinkedIn profile, which will continue to grow over the next few years.

But you need to know which tools are best for your situation. Although there is a lot out there you can do (or buy), you don’t need to do everything (that’s the good news).

So if you want to know which tools are best for you, then let us guide you!

Each week we conduct a limited number of free career management assessments, so contact us today to reserve yours:

Sign Up for Your Free Career Management Assessment

It’s a great way for us to showcase our approach and how we will get results for you.

In a world full of phony branding, we keep it real.

Each of us, whether we like the phrase “personal branding” or not, has one: who are we, personally, professionally, and so on, and the message that we project. In today’s job market, we are now forced to think about our “communities” and our spheres of “influence,” and how well we engage in those communities is becoming a key component in our careers. Honestly, for most of us, it sounds like a lot of blah, blah, blah, but basically it comes down to what the job search has always been about: meeting needs.

To do that, we start by building a personal brand message that lets employers see your distinct skills and background in an authentic, practical way. Then we carry that message into your technical or IT resume, LinkedIn profile, promotion portfolio, bio, and more.

From there, as a value-add, we market our clients out across our network of technical recruiters and we offer a recruiter matching service that takes specific parameters and identifies the best recruiters for you. It also launches a campaign to introduce you to those recruiters. It can save so much time and frustration trying to maneuver through the crazy world of recruiting. We are also able to do the same thing with potential employers.

Finally, we provide a career management protection subscription service that offers yearly updates of resume/LI profile, career strategy consulting, and other updates based on latest world of work market trends. It keeps our clients ready to move forward when the next time comes, which in our current market is, statistically speaking, every 3 to 4 years.

Listen. We know we’re not for everybody. We remain exclusive for a reason.

Our clients are serious about their field and about managing their career within that field. They’re ambitious, sure; but most importantly, they want to be free to focus on the work they love to do, and the last thing they want is to be in job search mode all the time.

BUT they recognize that we are in a market that rewards those who come prepared. And that a job search is tougher and tougher to navigate.

So they come to us to get prepared, to design their resumes and portfolios, and to help them launch their search. Then they put the onus on us to keep their materials up to date and to keep them ready for the next opportunity when it comes along. It’s peace of mind amidst an ever-changing landscape.

Your livelihood matters. So protecting careers protects families.

Therefore, our clients are more than just job seekers (active or passive); they are problem solvers who meet real needs. Our job is to help them showcase that across both traditional (resume) and social (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) forms of media and to do so while building in the proper preparation and protection.

At ITtechExec and NoddlePlace, we understand this and, more importantly, we get results. After all, we’re a family too! Now, we know we might look like just your average family (and we are!), but together with our specialized writing team, our clients experience a 5-fold rate of return (or better) on their investment with us and they know they are ready to weather whatever storm comes in the job market. How?

Our clients say it all…

  • We develop proven strategies: “[NoddlePlace] help[ed] me cohesively package my diverse work and skill set, which allowed me to show my value to potential employers and organizations.” Steven O. (Healthcare Ops Exec, Los Angeles)
  • We get results: “I finally had the luxury of choosing from 3 separate offers.” D. Gradin (GM, Los Angeles)
  • We attract the right recruiters to you: “I went from a contact or two every couple of weeks to more than a dozen contacts/phone interviews with recruiters this past week” Eric S. (Information Security Director, Denver, CO)

IT resume writerNot only that, we do it by keeping it real. And that is what makes it simple…we break it down to the strategies and methods that will work for YOU in your situation.

After all, we’re all real people looking for real jobs with real companies run by other real people who just want real solutions to their very real problems.

To learn more about us and all our swanky credentials, check out our sites ITtechExec and NoddlePlace or e-mail Stephen directly at today. (You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and just about everywhere else too [we have lots of "neat" pins on Pinterest!].

BUT even better than all of that…Come try us out and see. Take advantage of our Free Career Management Assessment.

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