Positioning Your Resume to Work Beyond Your Local Market

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Today’s job market is tough. Especially in certain areas of the country, which have taken a harder hit than others in terms of job loss due a deeper, longer-lasting slide in the regional economy. For a multitude of reasons, including wage rates, local and state tax structures, and outsourcing, companies are reducing headcount or moving to new markets entirely in some cases. As a result, you may need to position yourself as someone who is will relocate instead of actually selling your house and signing the ink a new mortgage in a new town or state without having landed the new position.

This can be a scary proposition, particularly if you are not currently employed. You may be willing to take almost anything that’s even close to what you are looking for. How do you go about making yourself marketable to a company in another region?

Things to Keep in Mind

Let’s take a step back and consider the position the company will take when beginning the recruiting and hiring process for a particular job. If the economic situation has impacted them adversely, they may be less willing to pay the initial costs of flying their top-tier candidates in from around the country to interview for the slot. More importantly, they may not be willing to cover relocation costs either. As such, companies can use the state on your address as a filter to weed out candidates that do not reside in the area. This helps them streamline the whole recruiting and interviewing process.

How Do I Overcome It?

It’s not possible to overcome an obstacle like this, is it? Sure it is! You just need to consider the technology being used and how it can benefit you. What database search criteria would a company use? The most obvious one is the state. In certain markets, however, companies are located close to state lines, meaning that they would consider candidates from neighboring states as well. For example, in New York City, it is reasonable to have candidates apply that are willing to commute daily from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware!

In these situations, the recruiter may not search by state but by phone number area code. A viable strategy in applying for these positions would be to remove the physical address, city, state, and zip code from the resume. This just leaves your generic email account (gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) and your phone number. If you have a specific market you are committed to moving to, you can simply get your mobile number changed early so that you have a local area code. The other option is to sign up for a Google Voice account, enabling you to select an area code and exchange wherever you like. You can then have that Google Voice number forwarded to any other phone line you want, thus not requiring you to change your existing home number or mobile number. This approach then helps you to appear as a local candidate, even when you are not.

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