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by Stephen Van Vreede (@ITtechExec)

So, here it is:

Most resume writers don’t want to write technical resumes.

So they either 1) avoid the IT/technical candidate like the plague or 2) they forge ahead with your resume thinking you are just like every other type of candidate, except in a different field.

Recently, I attended a conference packed with resume writers, where I was to help facilitate a small group forum regarding technical resume writing. The silence was deafening. I could hear crickets chirping from miles away. No one wanted to talk about it because no one wants to write those types of resumes.

It’s an odd perspective if you think about it because the STEM fields right now are the ones most looking to hire! Just check out the latest 2012 figures.

Why don’t these resume writers want to write them?

Resume writing is basically built on a volume-based premise. The more you write, the more you make. Certain fields require more finesse than others, to put it bluntly, and that finesse takes time to learn and craft. And speaking Geek is, frankly, not in everyone’s vocabulary.

What makes a technical resume so different?

Many people think that the problem with CIO resumes or IT project manager resumes is the jargon, but in my mind, the real challenge is in positioning the candidate for the role/environment he or she is targeting. Titles like “project manager” and “CIO” are not universal across companies and balancing technical knowledge against operations management experience requires some strategy. Is the company looking more for a strict manager who can oversee technical operations, a technical guru who can also manager, or some other combination?

So what should the technical job seeker look for in a resume writer?

Technical candidates need to be asking potential writers about their background writing in their field, what approach they take to technical resumes, and what rate of return they are seeing for their clients. Obviously, my company, ITtechExec, focuses on resume writing for STEM candidates, so of course, I have some agenda in plugging what we do. But there are other technical writers out there who have made it their passion to work with candidates like you, and it is worth making the investment.

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@rezlady here: Because I didn’t write this one and @ITtechExec did, I’ve decided to comment on it :-). After spending 17 years now writing, copyediting, and proofreading for the STEM arena, I’ve seen the struggle that most technical job seekers have in crafting their resumes, online presence, and personal brand. Whether it is engineering or medical device development or telecom or call center management, a well-constructed strategy is important, particularly when targeting the private-sector arena.

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