Employer Retention Will Be on the Rise: Will You Be Prepared?

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promotionIn a recent survey conducted by the LMA Consulting Group and APICS Inland Empire on the manufacturing and logistics arenas, 87% of employers in these fields reported experiencing a serious skills gap in the quality of new talent they are attracting. As a result, these employers are beginning (finally) to take retention of existing talent more seriously.

They can’t afford to lose the good talent they already have, and they know it…or at least they say they do.

If you are currently employed (particularly in the manufacturing and logistics sectors), this could be really good news! BUT just because companies are talking “retention” doesn’t mean they are just going to give away bonuses and salary bumps. More than likely as Baby Boomers continue to retire and other talent leaves for another opportunity, these companies are still going to do what most companies do…make you compete for the openings left behind.

Let’s face it. Most organizations, especially the larger ones, do a pretty poor job of spotting their own talent. So even when it comes to promotion or retention, and even when they should be the ones doing the “wooing,” more often than not, they still treat internal moves much like they treat external ones. And they want you, that top talent they desperately need to retain but don’t know how to do it well, to “show” them the way.

In other words, even with this push for retention, if you want to stay, you’re still going to be asked to work for it.

Starting last year, we began discussing the coming rise in promotions and we have been talking pretty much nonstop ever since about the necessity of being prepared…even for internal shifts and restructuring. Many professionals think the ball is in their court, and they can just sit back and let their results at the company speak for themselves, but it doesn’t always work out so well…companies are forgetful, they’re bureaucratic and political, they like to see competition for positions (it makes them feel like they have really “vetted” talent).

In my opinion as a career advancement strategist, when you are going for an internal promotion or move, that is when you should be most prepared! Everyone puts a lot of stress behind the external job search, and certainly that is understandable. BUT the internal move can be a key opportunity in the progression of your career, and it is a mistake to think that it is going to just fall in your lap because you “deserve” it.

Here are some key things you can do to prepare for this move:

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