The Engineering Job Market: 2014 and Beyond

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engineer careerThe U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released its projections for the engineering profession spanning through 2018. To visualize the progression of this job market, GlobalSpec has produced the infographic you see here.

Overall, the market for biomedical engineers and civil engineers seems to be trending the best, but engineering as whole is expected to grow steadily through to 2018.

Some criticisms of the BLS numbers are that automotive engineering is not represented here and that despite cries of an engineering shortage, many engineers are not seeing this play out in their marketplaces.

Would love to hear your comments here. Do you think these numbers give an accurate picture of the engineering job market?

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She-Geeks: Is This The Era of Women in STEM?

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A lot has been made in recent years about the shortage of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (otherwise known as “STEM”) fields. There seems be a great deal of conjecture on why more women are not taking up these fields, but according to this infographic from, that might be changing as females could be the answer to helping to stem the talent shortage across STEM fields. According to recent reports, 45% of the MIT student body is female, showing a closing of the gender gap in this arena.

Tell Us What You Think

Do you think efforts by colleges and universities as well as by other groups like the Girl Scouts to encourage more females to take up STEM careers will have a significant impact on the job market in the years to come? Feel free to leave your comments here.

Tech women

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Women in IT: What they get that the men don’t

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working womenby Sheree Van Vreede (@rezlady)

Across the social sphere lately, the topic of women in IT/engineering/science arenas has come up in several places. Between blogs on the lack of minority women in STEM who continue to be the most underrepresented individuals in science, engineering, medicine, and IT and the sharing of infographics on sites like Pinterest, this topic has obviously been gaining traction.

women in IT

women in science

What Women in Technical Careers Get

When we first started ITtechExec, the number of female clients from IT/tech backgrounds who came to us was minimal, to say the least. Today, however, those numbers are increasing dramatically. In fact, our female clients seem to grasp the pace and reality of today’s job market much better than our male clients. They don’t expect open arms, they don’t anticipate longevity, they don’t long for the old days, so they come at their careers from a project management lifecycle perspective. In other words, they plan, initiate, execute, and move on, and they plan to be in some phase of the lifecycle throughout their careers.

It is our male clients that need more convincing that they need to be more proactive with their career planning. And it is these clients who are having the harder time adjusting to the current environment.

So, although the disparity might still be there, in today’s job market climate, these women are positioning themselves to be ahead in the game. And with more GenY/GenZ women hitting the scene, they are bringing with them higher expectations, not to mention better GPAs, accomplishments, and so on.

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