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On Wednesday, 9/26 an “expert” panel convened on Twitter at #TCFchat to discuss the topic of IT leadership effectively motivating their technical teams.

We initially questioned the apparent ineffectiveness of “canned” HR programs with technical professionals. Why do these programs fall flat?

We also debated the role of HR, HR leadership, and the CIO in the ongoing motivation and performance of the IT team.

Finally, we talked about what strategies a CIO could employ to inspire his or her team. Missing were some of the convoluted incentives many corporate workers often hear about. The focus was centered on leaders being, well, leaders…setting a sound strategy, providing the teams with the proper tools and training, managing people firmly but fairly, and doing what they say they’re going to do. This isn’t revolutionary stuff here, but it may well be “innovative” in the sense that so few companies focus on these fundamentals.

If you were unable to join us for the live chat, go to our Tech Career Forum LinkedIn Group page to post comments or to the Storify recap of the chat.

Or feel free to weigh in here. We’d love to hear from you.

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CIO & IT Leader Strategies for Motivating Tech Pros

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The canned HR programs that companies put into place may work fine for most corporate employees, but they don’t seem to have much effect on IT and technical professionals. I know from experience that most techies–whether in IT, engineering, telecommunications, call center, or any other technical discipline–are a skeptical bunch. But still, aren’t they excited about “Jeans Day?” I mean, really, who wouldn’t be =)

So what gives?

Well, let’s talk about the why along with what IT leadership can do to change this trend. Join the discussion (Wednesday 9/26 on Twitter at 3pm Eastern). Simply follow and use the hashtag #TCFchat to be a part of it all.

If you’re unable to join us for the live chat, go to our Tech Career Forum LinkedIn Group page to post comments.

Or feel free to weigh in here. We’d love to hear from you.

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It’s All Geek to Me: Overcoming Ineffective #Tech Talk

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technical communicationsby Sheree Van Vreede (@rezlady)

During a recent #TCFchat on Twitter (hosted by the Tech Career Forum on Wednesdays at 3pm), the discussion topic was the challenge of effective communication by tech pros across any organization–client organization, small/medium business, Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, professional services firms, etc.

The questions for the chat were as follows:

1. In what ways does effective communication help and ineffective communication hurt the IT organization? The company?
2. What are some of the main issues tech pros face when communicating to different company groups?
3. How can a tech pro speak so that a user or business stakeholder hears what you’re saying?
4. Does senior leadership have a role in fostering this communication? If so, what is it?

It was an insightful discussion full of great tips. Some of the main nuggets of advice included:

  • “Technology companies need to convey what business solutions they deliver with their tech portfolio.” @ValaAfshar
  • “I’ve heard this a lot in the past: “we gave them what they asked for but not what they wanted”.  Communication is critical” @MichaelKeen
  • “My other favorite, “We went above and beyond, but they didn’t understand how.” @AndrewGrossman
  • “I recently heard the term P2P (people to people) mktg. You have to collaborate/connect internally & w/your customers to succeed.” @anitaloomba

To see more great responses from the participants and to get more effective advice, check out the recap on Storify: “Organizational Communications: Challenges and Solutions for Tech Professionals“.


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